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How to know sugar level, remove confusion

How to know sugar level, remove confusion

How to know sugar level, remove confusion

Patients are often confused about the sugar level. Confusion in patients also increased due to reports by the American Association of Physicians that the standard of diabetes was reduced. They started asking the doctors about the correct level and treatment, what changes we have to make. Know the things related to it.

This is why confusion -

According to this guide line issued by the American Association of Physicians, if the sugar level is up to 250 mg / dl, then the patient is not diabetic, while diabetes is considered to be diabetic at a sugar level above 200 mg / dl. But later the same association denied that we have not issued any such guide line.

Who got HBA 1c -

Diabetes patients should only get this test done once in three months. This reveals a 3-month history of diabetes. At the same time, the normal sugar test only shows the sugar level at that moment, while the sugar level keeps on fluctuating from time to time, which is more dangerous. This test can be done at any time.

How accurate is the sugar level

How to know sugar level, remove confusion

Sugar is tested twice, including IFG (empty stomach) and IGT (two hours after meals). If the sugar level in IFG is less than 100, it is normal and 101 to 125 is pre-diabetic and above 126 mg / dL is diabetic. Similarly, if IGT is less than 140 then normal, 140-200 is pre-diabetic and above 200 mg / dL is diabetic. Later tests of food are also done by taking heavy breakfast or giving glucose. The patient received 75 grams of glucose at 300. Taste dissolved in water and fed in 10 minutes.

Risk of infection due to increased sugar -

How to know sugar level, remove confusion

Increasing sugar level causes heart diseases, blood pressure, damage to the eyes, kidneys and novices. In addition, skin and urin often have infections. Small wound also does not heal due to sugar. This causes infection to spread throughout the body.

Risk of heart attack from low sugar -

Low sugar (hypoglycemia) is more dangerous than high sugar (hyper glycemia). Low sugar increases the risk of heart attack. According to experts, it is more harmful to have more or less sugar level more often than high sugar level.

Belly fat and thin hands and feet are not good -

Diabetes patients occur 10 years earlier than other countries in India. The reason for this is the stomach is thick and hands and feet are thin. In such people, hormonal levels deteriorate due to insulin resistance.

If you see these symptoms then make sugar test

Rapid weight loss, fatigue, weakness, excess urine, frequent urination at night, excessive sleepiness, increased appetite and thirst, frequent infections and itching are the initial symptoms.

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