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Abdominal Pain

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain is a feeling of pain in the upper or lower abdomen of a person whose intensity can range from mild pain to sudden sharp pain.

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain may occur for some time or for a long time and may be fast or even less. Abdominal pain can be in the upper or right side, the lower or right side or left side, upper, middle and lower.

Abdominal pain can be caused by a number of different factors that can range from common to severe, such as excessive gas to other serious conditions such as appendicitis. Some women also experience abdominal pain during pregnancy.

Doctors diagnose the cause of abdominal pain based on your pain history, physical examination and examination.

Types of Stomach Pain - Types of Stomach Pain
There are following types of stomach ache -

Common pain

Common pain occurs in half or more of the stomach. This pain can occur with many different diseases and usually goes away without treatment. Indigestion and stomach problems are common stomach aches. Home remedies can help relieve some discomfort. Mild pain or severe pain that becomes more severe over time may be a symptom of intestinal obstruction.

Local pain

Local pain occurs in one part of the stomach. Sudden and worsening local pain can be a symptom of a more serious problem. Appendicitis pain starts as a normal pain but it often occurs in one part of the abdomen. The pain of gall bladder disease or peptic ulcer disease often starts in one part of the stomach and remains in the same place. Localized pain that gradually becomes more severe can be a symptom of inflammation of any abdominal organ.


Cramping is a type of pain that keeps on moving or changes in the condition or severity of the condition. Cramps are mostly normal until it is relieved by passing gas or feces. Many women have cramps during menstruation. Common cramps are usually not a cause for concern unless it worsens, stays for more than 24 hours or is in the same place. Cramps that begin with diarrhea or other common health problems can be quite painful but are usually not severe.
Symptoms of stomach pain - Stomach Pain Symptoms
Abdominal pain is a symptom in itself that may mean that the person has a problem that needs treatment. Take care of your symptoms as it will help the doctor to know the cause of your pain.
Pay special attention if the abdominal pain is sudden, after meals or with diarrhea.

If you have severe abdominal pain or if it occurs with any of the following symptoms, seek medical advice as soon as possible -

Abdominal Pain

•Inability to eat food for several days
•Inability to pass stool, especially if you are vomiting
•Blood in vomit
•Blood in stool
•Shortness of breath
•Painful or abnormally frequent urination
•Pain during pregnancy
•Feeling soft to the stomach
•Pain due to stomach injury
•Pain lasts for several days

These symptoms may be a sign of an internal problem that may require treatment as soon as possible.

Causes of stomach pain - Stomach Pain Causes
Abdominal pain can be due to many reasons, some of the main reasons are as follows -

•Irritable bowel syndrome (a disorder that affects the large intestine)
•Stomach flu (viral gastroenteritis)
•Menstrual cramps
•Food poisoning
•Food allergies
•Lactose intolerance (natural sugar found in milk and dairy products not digested by the body)
•Ulcer or boil
•Pelvic area inflammatory disease
•Endometriosis (Read more - Endometriosis Treatment)
•Crohn's disease (inflammation of the digestive system)
•ulcerative colitis
•urinary tract infection

Some other causes of abdominal pain -

Abdominal Pain

•Some heart attacks and pneumonia may also cause abdominal pain.
•Abdominal pain may occur in pelvis or diseases of the stomach and femur.
•Some skin rashes and shingles can also cause abdominal pain.
•Some poisonous insect bites can also cause abdominal pain.
•Prevention of stomach pain - Prevention of stomach pain

There are many causes of stomach pain, some of which would be in your control, but by making some lifestyle changes, you can prevent yourself from having stomach pain due to some other reason. The following habits can help you -

Reduce eating speed
If you chop food big and eat it without chewing,

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