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2nd year syllabus copy

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Rasa shastra 1st lesson

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Sunday, May 17, 2020

How to make your exam preparation easy?

Study tips in Hindi (How to prepare for the exam): “Examination”…. On hearing this word, a sensation spreads among many students. Now the exam season is going on and there are many concerns about the examination preparation among the students. So I thought why should I share some tips about exam preparation which I have adopted in my life.

I found that it happens many times that we prepare our exam very well but in the exam we are not able to do so well and make many mistakes, which makes us very sad and our confidence is lacking. . Let me tell you that there is a lot of difference between the art of studying and the art of taking exams.

A student should pay equal attention in both aspects, if he wants to do his best in the exam, then if he follows some of the easy methods given below, then it is my 100% claim that at least in your score Improvement of 10% will definitely be done. Then what is the time to start exam tips in Hindi.

How to prepare for the exam - Study Tips in Hindi

Study Tips in Hindi
I believe that our examinations are only 20-30 days in a year, if we walk for 1 year (365 days), then obviously it is quite possible that during the rest of the days we will be very free and stress free. Huh.

If we think the same way, if there are 300+ days of examinations throughout the year, then we will not have any fear of Exams, because if we do any work continuously in our natural practice or dinners, then we fear it more. do not think so. And this is also applicable in Exams.

Other reasons are also responsible such as lack of our practice, lack of a good plan.

Measures for success in competitive exams - Exam Preparation Tips in Hindi
1 give regular self test: start a new practice, giving self-test (self test) every day. Whatever you read throughout the day, write it in your copy in short points. And try to write some prescribed questions without looking at them. Take the help of your friend or your teachers to test all these tests. And if this is not possible, then you can also check your answer sheet yourself. After a few weeks you will start getting results. I believe that by doing Self Introspection, we will be aware of our mistakes so that we do not repeat those mistakes in future.

2 Do not depend on the pre-exam study: It is a very small habit that we should pay attention to our subjects from the very beginning of the study and not just before the exam. If a student adopts this small habit in his life, then he will not have any tension in the examination and he can write the exam in those days by being very relaxed and calm.

3 Calm brain: Research has found that a quiet brain can work 4 times better than a restless brain. And if our brain is calm, then our mistakes will be reduced and we can write the exam very well.

4 The last few days of the exam are only suitable for Revision: It is generally found that 90% of the students start their studies a few days before the exam. By doing this, they have to read a lot of courses in a very short time. For this reason Revision should be done only in the last month of the exam. So that we will get a good grip in our subjects and as a result our mind will also be calm during exam days.

How to get better results in your exam presentation - Study Tips for Exam in Hindi
Understand all the topics of your book well at the time of reading and if you do not understand, clear your doubts at the same time.
Practice your subjects continuously.
Give practice test every day, every 7 days, 15 days, 30 days.
At least 2 full exams should be given at the end of the course.
Whenever you see any important information, do not forget to underline it and write it in your note book.
Don't forget to update your Note Book from time to time, by doing this you will be able to revision in the end.
Strategic Plan for Exam Preparation Study Tips in Hindi
To deal with any odd situation, always keep a Subsidiary Plan ready with you so that you do not have to take much Tension at the time of examination. Like what will you do

If Some Questions Are Outside Your Course
If you don't know the answers to some questions
If the paper is hard
If you spend too much time in a question
If you hurry Calculation mistake then
If your health worsens a little before the exam
If you do not like the exam environment
If you do not remember a few points of a well-prepared question, then
If you doubt any question
If you can't decide which question to start first
How much time to spend in which section
And so many questions …… ..
If you are already aware of all these circumstances, then you can compete with patience on all these occasions. Second thing is that if you are Mentally Prepared then you can face all the problems easily.

How to prepare for competitive exam
Sarkari Result Hindi
Which subject should be taken after 10th
1 # Art of writing: (for descriptive exams)
Reading the exam is not all that much if your handwriting is very beautiful

Monday, May 4, 2020

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain is a feeling of pain in the upper or lower abdomen of a person whose intensity can range from mild pain to sudden sharp pain.

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain may occur for some time or for a long time and may be fast or even less. Abdominal pain can be in the upper or right side, the lower or right side or left side, upper, middle and lower.

Abdominal pain can be caused by a number of different factors that can range from common to severe, such as excessive gas to other serious conditions such as appendicitis. Some women also experience abdominal pain during pregnancy.

Doctors diagnose the cause of abdominal pain based on your pain history, physical examination and examination.

Types of Stomach Pain - Types of Stomach Pain
There are following types of stomach ache -

Common pain

Common pain occurs in half or more of the stomach. This pain can occur with many different diseases and usually goes away without treatment. Indigestion and stomach problems are common stomach aches. Home remedies can help relieve some discomfort. Mild pain or severe pain that becomes more severe over time may be a symptom of intestinal obstruction.

Local pain

Local pain occurs in one part of the stomach. Sudden and worsening local pain can be a symptom of a more serious problem. Appendicitis pain starts as a normal pain but it often occurs in one part of the abdomen. The pain of gall bladder disease or peptic ulcer disease often starts in one part of the stomach and remains in the same place. Localized pain that gradually becomes more severe can be a symptom of inflammation of any abdominal organ.


Cramping is a type of pain that keeps on moving or changes in the condition or severity of the condition. Cramps are mostly normal until it is relieved by passing gas or feces. Many women have cramps during menstruation. Common cramps are usually not a cause for concern unless it worsens, stays for more than 24 hours or is in the same place. Cramps that begin with diarrhea or other common health problems can be quite painful but are usually not severe.
Symptoms of stomach pain - Stomach Pain Symptoms
Abdominal pain is a symptom in itself that may mean that the person has a problem that needs treatment. Take care of your symptoms as it will help the doctor to know the cause of your pain.
Pay special attention if the abdominal pain is sudden, after meals or with diarrhea.

If you have severe abdominal pain or if it occurs with any of the following symptoms, seek medical advice as soon as possible -

Abdominal Pain

•Inability to eat food for several days
•Inability to pass stool, especially if you are vomiting
•Blood in vomit
•Blood in stool
•Shortness of breath
•Painful or abnormally frequent urination
•Pain during pregnancy
•Feeling soft to the stomach
•Pain due to stomach injury
•Pain lasts for several days

These symptoms may be a sign of an internal problem that may require treatment as soon as possible.

Causes of stomach pain - Stomach Pain Causes
Abdominal pain can be due to many reasons, some of the main reasons are as follows -

•Irritable bowel syndrome (a disorder that affects the large intestine)
•Stomach flu (viral gastroenteritis)
•Menstrual cramps
•Food poisoning
•Food allergies
•Lactose intolerance (natural sugar found in milk and dairy products not digested by the body)
•Ulcer or boil
•Pelvic area inflammatory disease
•Endometriosis (Read more - Endometriosis Treatment)
•Crohn's disease (inflammation of the digestive system)
•ulcerative colitis
•urinary tract infection

Some other causes of abdominal pain -

Abdominal Pain

•Some heart attacks and pneumonia may also cause abdominal pain.
•Abdominal pain may occur in pelvis or diseases of the stomach and femur.
•Some skin rashes and shingles can also cause abdominal pain.
•Some poisonous insect bites can also cause abdominal pain.
•Prevention of stomach pain - Prevention of stomach pain

There are many causes of stomach pain, some of which would be in your control, but by making some lifestyle changes, you can prevent yourself from having stomach pain due to some other reason. The following habits can help you -

Reduce eating speed
If you chop food big and eat it without chewing,

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Cancer disease

                            Cancer disease

Cancer disease

Cancer disease (medical term: malignancy growth) is a class of diseases in which a group of cells undergo uncontrolled growth (division beyond normal limits), disease attack (destruction and invasion of nearby tissue) and sometimes mutation or metastasis. (Spreads to other parts of the body through lymph or blood).
 These three chronic symptoms of cancer differentiate it from a benign knot (tumor or tumor) that is self-limited, not invasive, or does not show metamorphosis. Most cancer forms a knot or tumor, but some, such as blood cancer (leukemia) does not form a knot. The branch of medicine that deals with the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer is called oncology or oncology

Cancer can affect people of all ages, even the fetus, but the risk of most varieties increases with age

Cancer disease

[1] Cancer accounts for 13% of the cause. 
[2] According to the American Cancer Society, During 2008, 6 lakh people died due to cancer all over the world.
 [3] Cancer can affect all animals.

Nearly all cancer cells are caused by abnormalities in the genetic material. 

[4] These abnormalities can be caused by carcinogens or carcinogens (cancer causing factors) such as tobacco smoking, radiation, chemicals, or infectious factors. Other genetic abnormalities causing cancer may sometimes be due to an error in DNA cancer replication (DNA) replication, or may be inherited and thus present in all cells since birth.

The heredity of cancer is generally affected by the complex interactions between carcinogens and the nutrient genome. Newer aspects of genetics of cancer pathogenesis such as DNA (DNA) methylation and microRNA (RNA) are increasingly gaining importance.

Cancer disease

Genetic abnormalities found in cancer usually affect two common classes of genes. Cancer-promoting tumors are typically active in cancer cells, giving new properties to those cells, such as increased growth and division than normal, protection from programmed cell death, lack of normal tissue limits, and diverse tissue environments. Ability to be installed.

The knot suppressor genes are then inactivated in cancer cells, resulting in a decrease in normal function of those cells, such as correct DNA replication, control of the cell cycle, orientation and adhesion within tissues, and Interaction with protective cells of the immune system. 

Typically, a pathologist has to undergo a histological examination of a tissue biopsy specimen to diagnose it, although early signs of malignancy may be signs of radiation-visual deprivation.


Cancer disease

Most cancer diseases can be treated, some can be cured, depending on the particular type, condition and condition of the cancer.
 Once diagnosed, cancer can be treated with a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. With the development of research, treatments for various varieties of cancer are becoming more specialized. 

Significant progress has been made in the development of targeted therapy drugs that act specifically on detectable molecular abnormalities in the specific knot and damage in normal cells. She lowers Early diagnosis of cancer patients is strongly influenced by the type of cancer, as well as the condition and extent of the disease. In addition, histological classification and the presence of specific molecular markers can also be helpful in early diagnosis of the disease and in determining individual treatment.

Cancer disease

Friday, May 1, 2020

How to Lower Blood Pressure

How to Lower Blood Pressure

How to Lower Blood Pressure
Measures to reduce blood pressure
To avoid heart diseases as well as other physical problems, you have to keep your blood pressure under control. However, in today's lifestyle, most people are having high blood pressure.
Hypertension is not good for health at all, as it also increases the risk of brain stroke or brain haemorrhage. The heart beats continuously. Its main function is to pump blood into the body. Energy and oxygen are present in the blood, which the whole body receives. Blood creates pressure on the arteries when it flows, and the strength that the blood exerts when making pressure on the arteries is called blood pressure.
If you want to stay healthy, then blood pressure should also be normal.

How much blood pressure

Normal blood pressure is always less than 120/80 mmHg. If blood pressure is more than this, then it can be a problem of high blood pressure. With the help of some home remedies, you can overcome the problem of high blood pressure.

Low blood pressure problem is more dangerous than high blood pressure, know causes, symptoms and home remedies

Eat less salt and calories
Keeping blood pressure under control is very important for health. Troubled by the problem of high blood pressure, reduce the intake of salt, calories and fat in your diet. Consuming healthy drinks also ends the problem of high blood pressure.

Drink jaggery tea

You can also reduce the problem of high blood pressure by drinking jaggery tea. Hibiscus tea contains plenty of anti-oxidants, which keep blood vessels right. Blood circulation also occurs by drinking this tea. You can avoid the problem of high blood pressure.
How to Lower Blood Pressure
Disclaimer: Before taking any remedy, consult a doctor.

How to know sugar level, remove confusion

How to know sugar level, remove confusion

How to know sugar level, remove confusion

Patients are often confused about the sugar level. Confusion in patients also increased due to reports by the American Association of Physicians that the standard of diabetes was reduced. They started asking the doctors about the correct level and treatment, what changes we have to make. Know the things related to it.

This is why confusion -

According to this guide line issued by the American Association of Physicians, if the sugar level is up to 250 mg / dl, then the patient is not diabetic, while diabetes is considered to be diabetic at a sugar level above 200 mg / dl. But later the same association denied that we have not issued any such guide line.

Who got HBA 1c -

Diabetes patients should only get this test done once in three months. This reveals a 3-month history of diabetes. At the same time, the normal sugar test only shows the sugar level at that moment, while the sugar level keeps on fluctuating from time to time, which is more dangerous. This test can be done at any time.

How accurate is the sugar level

How to know sugar level, remove confusion

Sugar is tested twice, including IFG (empty stomach) and IGT (two hours after meals). If the sugar level in IFG is less than 100, it is normal and 101 to 125 is pre-diabetic and above 126 mg / dL is diabetic. Similarly, if IGT is less than 140 then normal, 140-200 is pre-diabetic and above 200 mg / dL is diabetic. Later tests of food are also done by taking heavy breakfast or giving glucose. The patient received 75 grams of glucose at 300. Taste dissolved in water and fed in 10 minutes.

Risk of infection due to increased sugar -

How to know sugar level, remove confusion

Increasing sugar level causes heart diseases, blood pressure, damage to the eyes, kidneys and novices. In addition, skin and urin often have infections. Small wound also does not heal due to sugar. This causes infection to spread throughout the body.

Risk of heart attack from low sugar -

Low sugar (hypoglycemia) is more dangerous than high sugar (hyper glycemia). Low sugar increases the risk of heart attack. According to experts, it is more harmful to have more or less sugar level more often than high sugar level.

Belly fat and thin hands and feet are not good -

Diabetes patients occur 10 years earlier than other countries in India. The reason for this is the stomach is thick and hands and feet are thin. In such people, hormonal levels deteriorate due to insulin resistance.

If you see these symptoms then make sugar test

Rapid weight loss, fatigue, weakness, excess urine, frequent urination at night, excessive sleepiness, increased appetite and thirst, frequent infections and itching are the initial symptoms.

2nd year syllabus copy

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